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Sounds English is here to help you with listening practice exercises in English. You can practice listening to English with the help of full lessons designed by professional language teachers.

November 2015 - site update. Hi, please enjoy the lessons on this site. We are working on developing a new look site with many more lessons and lesson types. We hope to have it finished for the new year You can keep up to date with our progress and get a look at the new styles and games here - SoundsEnglish on Facebook

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How to use this site...

What can you learn?

Sounds English listening exercises let you practice English at all levels from Elementary to advanced.. All the English listening exercises are completely free.You can also practice listening for Cambridge exams. First certificate in English, Cambridge Advanced English and Business English Certificate.

How does it help?

Sounds English uses REAL native speakers and lessons designed by experienced professional language teachers to give you the best quality listening practice available on the internet. The listening lessons can be used to give you extra practice in addition to your English studies to help you develop better listening skills or just help you to keep up your level.

How do the lessons work?

Each lesson page has a simple layout and all the information and techniques you need to enjoy and learn.

How does the audio player work?


It is really simple. The controls are easy to use. You can adjust the volume, you can change your position in the recording, stop, start, listen again, whatever you like.

To use the player and other features of the site please ensure that javascript is enabled in your browser.

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Why is this free?

The site is paid for by advertising and donations. If you would like to support us and help us to produce more great lessons please consider making a donation here.